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Ethic senerio assignment at an affordable cost

10-6 Ethical Scenario

You stop a car for missing its current license plate tags. After some preliminary inquiries, the driver allows you to search the trunk. He does this because he says that it is not his car, he borrowed it from his roommate (who is not present). You are, in fact, able to confirm the story that the car does not belong to the driver. In the trunk are drugs. The young man—who is clear of records and warrants—is a student at the local medical school. You are convinced that he knew nothing about the drugs. What do you do?

You are not only able to arrest him (on a charge that may very well end his chance at a medical career), but you can also impound the car and keep it under forfeiture laws (something that your department has emphasized is an important policy goal). A good felony bust and a good legal seizure are within your grasp. What do you do, and why?

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