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Ethical Issues of Opiate Use Project

Final Project Final Project, you should demonstrate an in-depth understanding of ethical issues faced by the field of human services considering the current opiate epidemic America is experiencing. This activity will showcase your ability to critically think about a serious, ongoing epidemic directly impacting human services.

In completing this Final Project, you will analyze ethical issues from two perspectives, that of the hospitalist and the public. You will integrate relevant standards from the national code of ethics into this paper, identifying which standards are involved in the ethical dilemmas faced.

To help with formatting, writing, and research, use the APA Resources found in the Student Toolkit linked in the top navigation bar.

Your final draft should reference at least five scholarly sources. Include the sources from the readings and find one or two more of your own.

Final Project/Paper Criteria

Part 1: about 3-4 pages
Describe ethical issues of opiate use from the perspective of a hospitalist.

Part 2: about 3-4 pages
Describe ethical issues of opiate use from the perspective of the public.

Part 3: about 2-3 pages
Describe relevant ethical passages listed in the National Organization for Human Services Ethical Standards.

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