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Ethical Standards Essay Assignment at an affordable cost


  • In this module, we are learning about the importance of upholding ethical standards and the use of decision-making tools for complex situations. One of the tools we are reviewing is shared below.

Step One: Defining the Ethical Dilemma What is the dilemma? What are the competing principles or values?

Step Two: Mapping Legitimacy Who is involved in this dilemma? What are the roles of those involved?

Step Three: Gathering Information Collecting information about the situation is important. This includes viewpoints of others and information about the related code of ethics, agency rules, laws, etc.

Step Four: Alternative Approaches and Action What are the available choices? How will the worker justify a decision? For each possible choice/decision, what are the potential consequences?

Step Five: Critical Analysis and Evaluation How did the situation turn out? What steps worked well, and how would the worker change their approach in future?

Initial post:

  • Using this tool, walk through an ethical dilemma you have experienced. Copy/paste the tool into your discussion, filling in a description after each step. How could this tool be helpful? Would the use of this tool have changed your previous decision?