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Ethical Theories in Engineering Assignment at an Affordable Cost



As an engineer who specializes in “Professional Ethics Compliance” at a large tech firm, you are asked to write a paper for colleagues at a training session to review the ethical issues concerning product design, development, use, and disposal, using Pegasus software, which has been used by law enforcement agencies, private firms, and states to spy on user, as a case study.

Using Pegasus as a case study, utilize one ethical theory as a framework for evaluating these issues and making recommendations for how such product design, development, use, and disposal can avoid breaches of privacy rights and abuses of power in the future. Some ethical issues that may be relevant to this case study include the following:

  1. Privacy rights of users
  2. State repression of political dissent and investigation of state abuses by journalists
  3. Partisan politics, elections, and misinformation campaigns

Develop a structured thesis (see Sample Thesis PDF Handout on Canvas) that addresses the ethical issues that you choose to focus on and write a paper organized around these issues. Due dates: see Canvas for the following due dates:

  1. Structured thesis
  2. Sample paragraph
  3. Full draft (5 pages)
  4. Final paper


Write a 5-page essay that conforms to the following style and content guidelines; failure to follow these guidelines will lead to reduced points.

  1. Standard 1-inch margins, 12pt. Times-New Roman, double-spaced
  2. Standard heading: name, class, section, major only 
  3. Have a unique title reflecting the paper’s thesis (no title pages)
  4. Minimum citations: two sources from course readings and at least three outside peer-reviewed sources (journal articles, government reports, books, etc.)
  5. Use IEEE citation method (citations/bibliography do not count toward 5-page minimum)
  6. Newspapers and media sources do not count toward minimum citation requirements but may still be used.
  7. 5-page minimum/6-page maximum (do not exceed 6pp.)
  8. Use short citations from the texts when they provide useful support; no block quotes

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