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Ethical Theory and Global Analysis Technology Research Paper

InstructionsSee attached Word doc for the Topic of the Research Paper and the Research Template for further guidlenes that must be adhered to. Paper analysis must be based off of the principles, available ethical theories, presented in the Topic 3 PP. Let me know if you need more information or understanding.

  • Use the supplied document template for complete instructions on the purpose of your paper and how to format your paper.
    You MUST submit a Word document that follows these instructions and formats carefully. (No other format of file will be accepted.)
  • Use the principles and analysis methods to explore the topic in-depth, showing clearly the global ethical issue(s) involved, any fallacies practiced to justify actions, what aspects of any recognized code of standards are violated or which could be applied.  Include an ethical analysis (use Topic 3 material) attached.
  • Be sure to explain how technology has played a key role in causing or exacerbating the global ethical dilemma.

The main purpose of your paper is to perform a global analysis of your topic and an ethical analysis of all sides of the issue.  Present your global analysis by contrasting how your topic effects / is handled in at least two different countries or regions; you must mention at least two different countries (or regions) by name and give concrete examples! This is the main focus for the paper. For your ethical analysis, give a one or two sentence description of the ethical theory approach(es) that will be used. Then show how using this ethical theory approach can lead to a conclusion that the issue is ethical or unethical. The ethical analysis may be a separate section, or it may be woven into the analysis as the various aspects of the issue are presented. If your paper does not use an ethical theory and include a global analysis of the issue, the paper will not be sufficient. The Ethical Theories are Utilitarian, Aristotelian, Kantian, Deontological (Duty-Based) approach, etc. See Topic 3 PDF attached. The majority of your paper should NOT be about what the technology is or how it works.  The majority of your paper SHOULD be an exploration and analysis of the global and ethical issues. Be sure to clearly indicate why technology created or helped to create this ethical iss

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