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European Union Essay assignment at an affordable cost


Unions are very diverse. As outlined in your textbook (e.g., Chapters 7 and 8) and discussed in the class material, they vary by size and sector/occupation/workplace, by geographical region, by the legal frameworks of their bargaining unit structures, in terms of their governance systems and structures, in their ideology, in their financial stability and so on.

Unions also vary greatly in terms of what activities they engage in and how they choose to service their memberships. For instance, in class we talked about craft unions versus industrial unions and between business unions and social unions.

Chapter 7 in our textbook describes the role that unions can play as institutions in our society and outlines five core functional areas. In class, we discussed how one union, the UFCW fulfills these functions.

  • Economic function
  • Democratization function
  • Integrative function
  • Social democratic function
  • Class conflict/revolutionary function


1. Choose a union (not the UFCW) and research it through the union’s website and relevant secondary information (i.e., news stories, academic articles)

2. Create a one-page succinct but informative union profile that gives details about the key characteristics of the union – be creative, use visuals

3. Write a brief report that outlines how the union fulfills the 5 functions above. Give concrete examples. If you find no evidence for one or more functions, speculate on why this might be


  • Include a reference list using APA style for any references used throughout the assignment. You need not cite references on your one-page profile, but include them on a separate page. You should use in-text citations in your analysis of union functions.
  • Part 2: Union profile should be one page only using any design you wish
  • Part 3: Union function report should not be more than 750 words and in an easy to read font no smaller than 11 pt.

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