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Evaluation Research and Organizational Sociology


Applied sociologists unlike traditional sociologists are trained to examine structures and processes from a functional, conflict, critical, and/or interactionist perspective. In the minds of contemporary applied sociologists, the synthesis of theory and research methods separate applied sociology from traditional sociology. To demonstrate this understanding, EACH student will compose a 10-12 page evaluation paper presenting an overall view of the quality of a particular item, service, organization, program, or business. Further discussion will take place as stated under ‘course schedule.’

Assigned Readings: Evaluation Research and Organizational Sociology

  1. Gordon, G., & Morse, E. (1975). Evaluation Research. Annual Review of Sociology, 1, 339-361.


  1. Hougland, J. (2015). Sociology as a Partial Influence on Evaluation Research. The American Sociologist, 46(4), 467-479.


  1. Thomas, V., & McKie, B. (2006). Collecting and Utilizing Evaluation Research for Public Good and on Behalf of African American Children. The Journal of Negro Education, 75(3), 341-352.


Examples of Evaluations in Action (Dr. Layne)

Chapter 12 on Evaluation, esp. pp. 230-242, gets to the heart of the course task.  Please begin a discussion of your planned evaluation project within the context of this reading.

Ch 12 Evaluation – Ross Koppel.pdf

the big question is, what do you want to do–and how does the material here help you to get started?

( I have to put my evaluation plan on the discussion board on my blackboard)

Doing Critical Research 2011.pdf

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