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Evidence-based Substance Use Disorder Treatment intervention.

Assignment 3

Selection and description of an evidence-based substance use disorder treatment intervention

5-7 pages maximum

10-15 Academic scholarly peer reviewed academic papers or government published resources (SAMSHA, NIDA etc)

This assignment asks students to select an evidence informed intervention for a substance use disorder. Students are strongly encouraged to select an intervention that will be integrated into the final paper and that is relevant to your case formulation. Students are allowed to cut and paste this assignment into the sections of the final paper and integrate it seamlessly as the intervention selected for the case scenario.

For this assignments students will conduct a literature review of empirical studies on substance use disorder treatment and select the most appropriate intervention for your client. For this assignment students will be graded on the extent to which they describe the mechanisms of behavior change, the clarity of summarizing the existing literature on the treatment, What are the mechanisms of change at the cognitive, behavioral and affective levels? Discuss how (if at all) the intervention incorporates stages of change into treatment.

  • Discuss how the intervention proposes to address 2-3 of the following key definitions or terms from the semester.
    • Withdrawal
    • Relapse
    • Cravings and urges
    • Initiation into drug use
    • Maintenance of drug use
    • Severity of drug use

Description of treatment components. How long is the whole treatment program how many sessions? How is the treatment delivered? Is it delivered through individual, couples, families, groups, or community methods? What combination of delivery methods? Why is it delivered this way? Who delivers the intervention (are they credentialed or not? Peers? If so what are the credentials?)What are the materials used in the intervention, if any?What is the setting of the intervention? Can you find any hospitals or treatment organizations that are specifically running the intervention?

Grading rubric for second assignment

  1. Overall clarity of describing the intervention and writing, citations and organization 10 pts
  2. Description of mechanisms of behavior change in intervention 30 pts
  3. Description of how intervention addresses key definitions from the class. 30pts
  4. Description of treatment components 30pts

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