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Evidence-based theory of substance use behavior change


Assignment 2: Evidence-based theory of substance use behavior change paper

For this written assignment, students are expected to compose a 4-6 page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman) describing the theoretical frameworks of the etiology of drug use and mechanisms of behavior change associated with behavior change theory(ies) for substance abuse.

Organize this assignment by explaining to me why you think substance use has occurred in your client. 

I have presented an overview of several theoretical frameworks and explanatory models that are widely regarded as integral in the etiology, assessment and treatment of substance abuse disorders.

I have also reviewed the theoretical principles and mechanisms of behavior change underlying predominant behavioral treatment for substance use and behavioral addictions.

The central premise of this assignment is to assess your knowledge of the mechanisms of behavior change in the field of addiction. Understanding theoretical frameworks of evidence-based interventions to treating addiction is critical to becoming an effective social worker.

You are welcome to discuss multiple theory(ies) of behavior change (i.e CBT) covering a broad range of core principles and mechanisms that explain the development, maintenance and reduction of addictive behaviors.

But please be cautious to not select so many principles that the paper becomes incoherent.

This is an opportunity for you to tie together information you have read and learned in class.

 Organization of assignment

I encourage you to organize the assignment into headers with an introduction and sub-headings to help with coherence of the assignment, this will be of particular importance in the final assignment. Students are expected to provide an explanation of the theory(ies) throughout the written account.

Some possible areas to cover in this assignment

Explain why substance use occurs, why does it continue, get worse and what makes it stop.

Explain what would explain either increase or reduction in drug use using core mechanisms of behavior change theory covered thus far in class.

Consider focusing on what resonates with you about how some models explain specific concepts that we have discussed in class such as

1) initiation into drug use,

2) maintenance of drug use,

3) withdrawal,

4) tolerance,

5) relapse (including cravings) 

Students will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of language and description of theoretical concepts
  • Organization of ideas
  • Accuracy of description of theoretical constructs
  • Appropriate citation of literature

Please refer to the late paper policy for grade reductions due to late assignments and protocol for handling unanticipated late assignments.

Grading rubric (out of 100%)

Organization, grammar and structure 20%

Accuracy and clarity of describing core concepts 50%

Clarity of adapting concepts to chosen client scenario (30%)80508329 minutes ago

Cultural Relevant focus with Native American Client

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