May 13, 2022 Uncategorized

Experimental Design with Anti Bullying RFP Program Evaluation


This week we are focusing on experimental design and must come up with a response to the questions below utilizing experimental design to test a question relevant to our evaluation. I attached the necessary article for review to answer the questions.

  • Briefly restate the general nature of your team’s RFP’s program (e.g., school anti-bullying program).
  • How might you use an experimental design to test a question that would be relevant to your program evaluation (e.g., compare an outcome for a group that received the program versus one that did not during the same time period, especially if the participants are randomly assigned to be in the program/no program groups)? What is a specific question you could address for your example?
  • Describe the specifics of your design for addressing this question. What is your independent variable? What might be a viable dependent variable to answer the question? What hypothesis would you be testing for the proposed evaluation?
  • What would be one method you might use to reduce threats to internal validity with this design?

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