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Family and Gender Roles Perspectives Questions


Complete the Module 5 portion of the Explore and Analyze assignment.

Step 1: Click to read the following transcript and article.

Defending and Attacking Polygamy in Saudi Arabia (Links to an external site.)

Ideas & Trends: Legal License; Race, Sex and Forbidden Unions (Links to an external site.)


Rosenbaum, D. E. (2004). Ideas & trends: Legal license; Race, sex and forbidden unions. In Marriage and the Family. Retrieved from http://ethemes.pearsoncmg.com/0205394213/article_1…

Step 2: Submit your response as a Microsoft Word document.

  • What different interpretations of family and gender roles are being voiced in this information?

To what extent do these differing viewpoints correspond or clash with Western notions of family?

Your response should be a one-page (300-350 words) report that makes informed references to this module’s materials. A grading rubric (how this assignment will be graded) is provided.

Reminder: You are required to comply with the Academic Honor Code at all times. Facts, quotes, ideas, and so forth, that are borrowed from a resource or resources other than personal experiences, must be cited in proper APA format in your response.