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Family Dynamics in the Film, Monster-In-Law Essay


Cinematic Case Study:

Students will compose a case study analysis of the couple or family dynamics

identified in a film of their choice. Students will conceptualize these identified

dynamics through the lens of an integrated theoretical framework based on the

Couple & Family Counseling Systems theories presented in class. This paper needs to

be APA formatted, and to include:

Description of the presenting problem history of the presenting problems, including any diversity issues that contribute to the problem.

Specific interventions designed to address the presenting problems (identify interventions you will use to help the couple or family from the theories and interventions discussed from the textbook).

Summary of theoretical approach you feel will best help this family and why (summary of the movie is not needed as the couple or family will be your client). The paper should be between 3-5 pages not including the cover and reference pages. No abstract page is required.

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