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Film Presentation Assignment at an affordable cost


When it comes to the presentation on Thursday in Glued to the Screen, the idea is that you make a 8-10 minutes presentation on a powerpoint you should also include a clip for ca. 2 minutes (i’d really appreciate if this clip could be a really good funny clip you choose) from the show and then just introduce the show and explain why it’s your favorite. This should be a really well explained presentation i think the start should have an introduction of the show and then reasons why you love the show and how it is unique and a good explanation and evidence to explain why it is your favorite show! You can choose from these two shoes either Sherlock the one which has benedict cumberbatch or Rick and Morty also make sure to give context of the show! this should be a fun and intriguing presentation! make sure each slide is with bullet points and there are speaker notes!