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Fire Department Project Report & Presentation


     Put together a comprehensive presentation to the city counsel for a  yearly analysis of a fire department of your choice.  Along with the  yearly analysis, you will be representing the Fire Chief with the  proposal to add the items included in item number seven.  This material  should be typed, include charts, graphs, pictures and maps if needed to  justify your proposal.  Produce a PowerPoint presentation that would  represent your information and presentation.  Also include a written  report explaining in detail the presentation (PowerPoint).     

  1. Conduct the analysis of the response runs for the _____ Fire Department.       
    1. Standard of Coverage
    2. Standard of Response
    3. Station Placement
    4. Turn-out Times
    5. Protected vs. Non-protected
    6. Special Concerns
    7. New Programs
    8. Medical vs. Fire Responses
  2. Analyze the budget process by breaking down the percentages of the different components of the budget.
  3. Complete and up-date the departments SOG’s making sure that they  are up-to-date with the current standards.  Add new guidelines if  needed.
  4. Map the responses onto a map of the fire district.  Add  statistics and conclusions for you presentations considering new  programs and up dating current issues.
  5. Begin a study for the future Fire Commission’s National Accreditation       
    1. Needs
    2. Pro’s vs. Con’s
  6. Analyze and develop a proposal to take the current ISO rating  down 1-2 points.  Special attention should be given to the following  areas:       
    1. Water Supply
    2. Communications
    3. Fire Department Organization
  7. Outline any new programs that the department would like to start in the coming budget year.

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