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Foreign Policy Assignment at an Affordable Cost

InstructionsI will provide the required readings and paper direction.  I will also provide paper direction where my professor explicitly talk about the important things for this particular essay. Paper Direction video ( MUST WATCH ) :
Paper direction :Critics within and outside the Republican Party accused Donald Trump of not embracing conservative values. This was especially true of his foreign policy. Trump attacked conservatives for supporting wars and alliances that spent too much money and failed to advance U.S. interests. While Trump certainly challenged contemporary conservatives, the goal of this paper is to figure out if Trump’s foreign policy positions have deeper conservative roots. You’ll compare Trump’s foreign policy positions with one of the most famous conservatives from the 1930s to the 1950s, Robert Taft.

Answer this question: Does Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech resemble the foreign policy position of Robert Taft?


Introduce the paper and state your argument concerning whether Trump’s foreign policy speech resembles Taft’s foreign policy position.

Section 1 (1-2 pages)

Explain the foreign policy positions of Robert Taft.

Section 2 (1-2 pages)

Compare Trump’s speech with Taft’s foreign policy positions.



Length: 3-5 pages

Double spaced, no cover page, 1” margins, 12-point font, no citations necessary

Grading Rubric:

Section 1: 50 points

Section 2: 50 points

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