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Gender and Perceptions of Peer Delinquency Paper

Finding Sociology Journal Articles.docx

Journal Article Assignment 1 (25 points)

3 pages double spaced. Report about a journal article utilizing semi-structured interviews.

Find a peer-reviewed sociological research article published in the last 10 years (2011-2021) that uses semi-structured interviews for its data.

For your search terms, use PLUS a general topic you are interested in. For example, you could add “gender”, “racism”, “work”, “sexuality”, “fathers”, “undergraduates”, “undocumented migrants” or something else you might want to read about.

Your goal is to select one article to read and write about. It may be best to download a few articles and skim them before selecting the best option for you. Some articles will be easier to read than others, but I do not expect you to understand every sentence of your article.

Generally, your articles will follow the following pattern:

Literature review(s)
Discussion and/or Conclusion
It is important to read the whole article, but do not get bogged down in the Literature Review. This is where you will find the densest sentences with the most citations. Depending on the paper, the Methods section may also dive into arcane methodological debates. Do make an attempt to understand the very basics of how the research relates to other ideas in the field.

For your assignment:

Report the title of the paper, the author(s) and their academic affiliation, the title of the journal, and the topic of the paper. What is/are the research question(s)?
Describe in your own words how the data were collected and the analytic approach. How big is the sample, how were participants selected, was the sample stratified in some way…?
Talk through the analysis — what codes resulted, and how did they emerge from the analysis? Were there multiple dimensions? Pay attention to the section headings — You might see something like: ANALYSIS; [DIMENSIONS]; [Codes].
Report on the findings you found interesting from the research.
End by evaluating the research project’s ethics (more than likely there will not be major issues here, but think about it and talk it through briefly) and your own reflections about the usefulness of the qualitative approach for the research topic.

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