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Gender studies 5 pt 2


Prompt A: Unpacking Feminist and Anti-Racist Art with the Feminist Art Movement Beginning in the 1960s

Your task is to conduct image research and select four images from this period by feminist artists. Using what you’ve learned about this movement in our course material for this week, how are the artists of the four works you chose rethinking gender and race in the U.S.? Tell us about the artist of each work. What do the visual qualities of each work tell you about the political message of piece of art? How do these works confirm or diverge from what you learned from reading our course material? What questions has this research and analysis brought up for you?

This prompt is intentionally open so that you have room to explore and write about what is most compelling or interesting to you. You are welcome to research work by artists we have studied, as long as the pieces you share are new to the class. While the images you use should be new to the class, you are permitted to use works referenced in the readings for this week. You might, for instance, return to the New York Times article on marginalized Black feminist artists working in the 1960s and 1970s and use an image or two from that article for your analysis. 

***please post 4 images from 1960s art and discuss its political aspects pertaining to feminist and anti racist 

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