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Gender study analyzing paper Assignment at an Affordable Cost

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Choose a video, song, article, poem, or podcast that discusses and/or represents gender and/or sexuality. You can choose something that has been shared in class. Drawing from at least two readings from the class (I have attached the readings, and made the APA 7 references in the template).

and in 800 words.

critically analyze how gender intersects with place and culture. Possible guiding questions can include: How is gender and place co-constituted?

How does culture impact gender and what does this indicate?

How is the representation and performativity of gender impacted by broader structures of power (e.g., white supremacy, heteronormativity, ability, cis-normativity, etc.)?

What are the resistive, transformative, and/or inspiring expressions and embodiments of gender?

Be sure to include a full reference in a referencing style of your choice for the medium that you are engaging and brief rationale (~50 words) for why you chose this medium.

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