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How Today’s Latinos Declared War

How Today’s Latinos Declared War on Generational Homophobia (working title)



For your final project you may choose to focus on one or more of the texts we read in class, to expand on a class discussion point, or to investigate a new subject. You should choose a NARROW topic that interests YOU.  

A broad topic such as “Latinas in New York” or “Family Secrets” will not work, you must be more specific. For example, asking yourself a question such as “What are the pressures on second generation Latinas in New York to complete a degree in higher education?” or “What similarities exist regarding the concept of self-discovery in America Chavez, Vol. 1 and Mosquita y Mari?” would be a better place to start.  

Remember, this is not a book report, but instead an ANALYSIS of a topic. You will need to make an argument and then support that argument through evidence and interpretation.  


6 sources (minimum) – these are sources that will support and defend your overall thesis; at least 3 of them must be CRITICAL sources (this is already taken care of please refer below); other sources may include primary sources (e.g. the texts we read in class, films, songs, poems, letters, interviews, etc.). You are discouraged from using wiki sources, and these along with encyclopedias and blogs do not count toward your minimum number of sources. 

Your paper must be double-spaced, use size 12 Times New Roman font, and Left-Justify/Left-Align. It should be 5-7 pages (not including the bibliography) in length. You must make direct references to each of your sources at least once. This could be a quote or paraphrasing, but you must state which source you are using. Your content MUST include your own analysis of the works in question.  


****** Poster’s Note


I am attaching all the potential sources you may need and more as well as a Project Outline and a Citation List which should be the first or last documents attached (depending on how you see this) will organize everything to make this essay easy. Each source gives you the general idea within the first couple of pages, and the pre-made Citation List for those documents will make the bibliography at the end easier (you will find I’ve added a parantheses at the end of each citation on that doc which designates which paragraph the source would be best suited for i.e. (2nd point) (3rd point) etcetera. 🙂 ). One source I would like you to use is Mosquita y Mari which is a 2012 film on Netflix that can be quickly summed up on Google (it’s only necessary to mention in proving the point [refer to Outline] you don’t have to watch it) but it’s a simple coming of age film on two middle school Mexican girls with an attraction to one another. The Outline I’m providing contains the THESIS which is rough but it will help you organize each paragraph and contains the three major points that should guide each paragraph. You should refer to these 2 things first: the Project Outline and Citation List (specifically the number on the ends). If you have any questions please let me know or if I’m at work just refer back to the attachments or the instructions. Thank you!

P.S. Feel free to alter the thesis or title, outside sources are also welcome and America or America Chavez is a Marvel comic book that I also think helps prove the point however no specific citations of the book are necessary I think, simply mentioning the creation of the character should suffice.

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