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Genetically Inherited Human Disorders Paper


Research and provide a summary of 10 genetically inherited human disorders, 5 recessive and 5 dominant. The document must be prepared double-spaced, and written in paragraphs, and sentences.

Use the format below to prepare the document

Introduction (Make one introduction to the document, then discuss the diseases individually)

Name of disorder

Diagnosis: Methods used to diagnose the condition (observable, blood test, MRI, etc.)

Mode of Inheritance: (x-linked, y-linked, autosomal, etc.)

Symptoms and Effects: on those who have the disorder

Here you will describe the symptoms, and discuss whether they show up early or late in life, or are progressive

You will also detail the effects on the individuals as much as possible to include limitation/issues they cause as well as morbidity and mortality.

Treatment: – Discuss treatment if any

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