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Genocide and Civil wars Assignment at an Affordable Cost


 Write an 1800±100 word (space-and-a-half) essay based on the question presented. Employ standard essay form: clear, logical, and spare presentation; consistent and professional form. Be sure to analyze the underlying assumptions of arguments being debated. Use IN-TEXT CITATIONS in referencing your sources. Include complete bibliographic data on your sources. Sources must include at least two required readings and can include outside sources (i.e., books, scholarly journals, respected dailies and weeklies)


North Korea has been a perplexing issue for the United States due to its nuclear weapons . Four American presidents have pursued mixture of persuasion, reward, punishment, and threat of force to try to get Pyongyang to give up its nuclear program to no avail. Much of the debate around North Korea revolves around whether the country is a “crazy state” or is running an extortion racket against South Korea, Japan, and the United States in order to insure regime survival. In an essay, review arguments for Kim Jong-un’s nuclear- and missile-related behavior. Explain the extortion thesis and stability-instability paradox. To what extent do American and South Korean interests in how best to deal with the North Korean threat diverge? Should the U.S. accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state, or should it consider counterforce.


North Korea problem – nuclear proliferation

Brief background – (1993-94 crisis, 1998 missile tests, nuclear explosion, more missile tests) US policy (brief) – Clinton’s Agreed Framework, Bush’s Six Power Talks, Obama’s “strategic patience,” Trump’s “fire & fury” to Trump’s “love affair” Why Kim regime engages in nuclear and missile tests Extortion thesis – intimidating Seoul (and perhaps Tokyo and Washington) to give money to keep NK economy afloat Stability-instability paradox – developing a retaliatory second strike capability to inhibit the willingness of the US to deter NK regional aggression Seoul-Washington divide? Seoul’s concern (hostage situation) Washington’s concern (“window logic”) US strategic choice – accept NK as nuclear state or counterforce (“bloody nose”) strike? What would a counterforce strike be? What are risks involved

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