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Gentrification in NYC Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Format: A 5-7-minute speech delivered extemporaneously from limited notes, and a full speech outline including a bibliography with 3-5 acceptable sources

Points: 150 (from Informative Speech): 125 for speech, 25 for the outline/research. 


This is one of our “big” speeches this semester, and the informative speech practices one of the most important and commonly-used genres of public speaking. This speech aims to help you practice and develop informative speaking by choosing a topic you are interested in/passionate about and teaching your audience more about it. We will work specifically on the delivery skills of eye contact, and gestures with this speech. We will also start integrating library research and the sorts of evidence that will help you build your credibility with an audience. 


You should approach this speech in a few different steps. First, choose your topic. It should be something you are interested in and hopefully have some knowledge about. However, your existing knowledge will not be enough. Second, you will want to supplement this by conducting additional research using books, periodicals, and government websites where relevant. Third, you should develop your specific purpose, central idea, and main points. Fourth, you should fill out those main points with research. Finally, you will practice and then present your prepared speech!


  • The speech should be between 5 and 7 minutes in length. Speeches that exceed or fail to meet this requirement (other than a 30 second grace period) will be penalized.
  • The speech must cite 3-5 acceptable sources (not webpages unless specifically cleared) in the form of books, journal articles or periodicals, newspapers, or government websites.
  • The speech must inform and not attempt to persuade
  • The speech should be delivered extemporaneously from a keyword outline rather than memorized, impromptu, or manuscript. 

Other things to know:

Choose something you care about and can talk about. It can be a hobby, an issue you find important, or an event you care about. The more interested you are in your topic, the easier it will be to teach your audience about it. 

If you start early, work on developing your topic, and follow the steps, it will be easy to put together a careful and coherent speech. Please talk to me if you have questions or concerns.

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