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Global Campus Health and Wealth Essay


With your quote log submission, you will include responses to four reflection questions. They are not part of your quote log and are to be answered separately in the “comments” box of the assignment folder.

Earning the maximum possible score on this assignment will require students to

  • complete all assigned quote log components in the initial submission (earning up to 85%)
  • submit the essay by the priority deadline (earning 5%)
  • revise the quote log and complete revision reflection questions (earning up to 10%)

To see required components and associated points in the assignment rubric, please view this assignment through the Assignments area of the classroom and scroll to the bottom.


Review the course readings related to your selected social issue, select 4-6 key quotes from the reading selections, and complete the following for each:

  • Give the bibliographic information for the reading selection source in APA format. This can be copied and pasted from the week where the reading is introduced.
  • Give the exact quote and page number (or paragraph number, if the source has no page numbers)
  • Paraphrase the quote and provide an in-text citation.
  • Explain why you selected the quote and how the quote relates to your selected social issue and your

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