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Global Collaboration Assignment at an Affordable Cost



You have been asked by your boss to head up a global project that will address the organization’s ISO 9000 recertification that will begin in five months. You will be meeting with members from across your enterprise that include manufacturing locations in Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Taiwan, and Ukraine.   

You have determined that the group will need to meet virtually twice a month for the next four months to ensure that each facility is in compliance with the current ISO 9000 standards. Each meeting will take approximately one hour. The final month will be used to conduct internal audits to ensure that all of the planning, procedures, and documentation are accurate and to have refresher training with the employees at each facility.   

While each of the representatives is fluent in the English language, you have recently discovered some countries block VOIP which is used for teleconferencing services such as Zoom and Skype. You also quickly realize that time zone differences will need to be addressed. An example time chart can be found below.  

California   PST time at 1:00 pm  
Mexico  1:00 pm  
United Kingdom  8:00 pm  
Italy  9:00 pm  
Taiwan  4:00 am  
Ukraine  10:00 pm  


Since you will be leading the team, you must also identify and report on the 

acceptable business practices of each country so you can prepare for the

kickoff meeting

Reference at least 3 credible sources using APA Format. 

Minimum of 2 pages.

This assignment is due Sunday by 10 PM EST.  You will be assessed using the Short Paper Rubric

This assignment uses Turnitin for plagiarism checking. 

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