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What is Gluten? What influence does it have on health if you DO NOT have gluten sensitivity?

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(3 points) Discuss What is Gluten? What influence does it have on health if you DO NOT have gluten sensitivity?

(3 points) Each participant must indicate a specific human consumable in stores that has a hiked price because it is labeled gluten-free even when it is naturally gluten-free.  An example would be water.

(3 points) A visible picture and specific item description is requested with your posting.

(6 points) You must write 5 or 6 sentences to accompany your picture sharing your opinion about the product (and the higher purchase price). Include your understanding of this product before and after taking this class.

Requirements for getting credit for the picture has been presented twice previously. The picture must be visible within the post. A description of the picture will help you secure partial credit even if there is an issue with the visibility of the picture.

Identical posts for gluten free products will not get credit. Look for a unique product, there are many products to choose from and learn about.

Provide at least one authentic resource from which you are getting your information. Avoid .org these are likely to contain misleading information to benefit the organization they represent. .gov or .edu sites are better. Check the credentials of the author to determine if they are an expert in the field they are providing information in. For example a doctor of history would not be an expert on glueten. Just like a doctor in molecular biology would not be an expert on civil war. 


Jacklyn LopezMondayMar 28 at 4:10pm

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Growing up I would usually hear “gluten free” or “I can’t have gluten” without really understanding why this was an issue for people. I never knew that gluten could have an negative affect to your body, until recently… Gluten is structural protein naturally found in certain foods made with wheat, barley, and rye. The after affects that usually are caused to your from gluten usually are along the line with fatiguing, bloating, alternating constipation and diarrhea. Since coming to the realization of what gluten can do to your health, I made a change on what I eat. Mostly all of the snacks I loved in the past had a ton of gluten, but at Walmart I noticed that these brownie brittle’s chocolate chips where too good to not grab! They weren’t too expensive either, they were only $2.98 for a bag of tasty dessert. The best part of having gluten free food is that you could barely taste the difference and your just making a healthy choice to your body by eating gluten

Zillay MalikTuesdayMar 29 at 2:37pm

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Gluten is a family of storage proteins [AKA “prolamins”] that are found in specific grains. The main examples include wheat, barley, and rye. When eating or drinking something containing gluten, a person that is sensitive to gluten can suffer many side effects such as; bloating, unusual bowel movements, fatigue, weight loss, and intestinal damage. If you are not someone that suffers from Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity, completely cutting gluten out of your diet can actually cause nutritional deficiencies. When searching for my example for this discussion, I found something quite shocking in my research. Dates are fruits that are completely gluten-free. I came across a picture of an 8 oz bag of dates labeled “Gluten-Free” that were being sold for $24.99. Then I looked at the 8 oz bag of dates that were not labeled; they were being sold on the same website for $4.48. In my opinion, this is ridiculous, seeing as dates naturally contain no gluten. You are basically just paying for an unnecessary label. The company is trying to trick consumers into thinking that just this specific brand of dates is gluten-free when in reality, all dates are gluten-free. It is just a tactic to make more money and scam the consumers

Although you may not be able to clearly see the label, if you zoom in you will see that it is labeled as gluten-free in the bottom left corner.


“What Is Gluten and What Does It Do?” Johns Hopkins Medicine, (Links to an external site.).

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