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Google Store Web Analytics Business Worksheet



Apply the skills you gained from the Google Analytics Beginners and Advanced Modules by analyzing data, web traffic and purchase activity in Google’s Web Store.


Google Store Web Analytics Assignment

For these questions, you will access the Google Store Demo Account. Follow this link and the instructions for accessing the Google Store Demo Account.

Set the date to Custom > Last 30 Days and answer the following questions (provide screenshots for all answers):

  1. What is the total number of Users? Revenue? Conversion Rate? Sessions? What is different about this time period than the previous Last 30 Days in terms of these metrics?
  2. What time of day are Users most active on the Google Store Demo Account?
  3. Is there a weekly pattern for Users? Show me the pattern and provide an explanation of the patterns.
  4. What is the Bounce Rate for this time period? What happens to average time on site when you remove bounces?
  5. After the US, what country has the next highest number of users?
  6. Let’s take a look at Audience > Demographics. Provide an overview of the User demographics. Do you see any unique patterns? Feel free to dig into the data and make sure to provide screenshots.
  7. Which Mobile Devices have the lowest and highest Bounce Rates? Which Mobile Device yields the highest number of transactions?
  8. Organic Search traffic represents what percent of the total? And do those that arrive at the website via social media have less engagement in terms of time on the site when compared to those that arrive directly? Please explain.
  9. What is the most popular landing Page? Which Page has the highest Page Value? Define Page Value and explain why it is important.

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