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Greek and Roman Art Discussion


DIRECTIONS: Respond to the questions listed below and respond to 1 student’s posting. No posts are viewable until you post a comment.


  1. Please say hello to everyone (introduce yourself – name and major or possible interest of study) as this is the first discussion.
  2. Byzantine art was influenced by Greek and Roman art.  However,  the artists also developed their own characteristic style.  What do you think are the most significant qualities of Byzantine art? Select one object from the text to use as an example to explain your view. Consider the overall appearance of the object, the materials used and the subject selected.   

Response this student:

The Byzantine empire was heavily influenced by Greek and Roman art. One of the main things it was influenced on was mosaic styles. Romans, Greeks and the Byzantine Empire both depicted religious scenes and historical events through the use of mosaic tiles on church walls that were filled with bright colors such as blues and greens. The Byzantine empire diversified what it depicted on however and while the Romans and even Greeks would depict historical events the Empire found itself creating art on what the eye could not see. A wide spectrum of religious drawings and even complicated patterns flooded the artistic style the Byzantine Empire chose to pursue, even though it was using the same mediums as the Greeks and Romans it was vastly different. 

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