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Gun Control Essay assignment at an affordable cost


2. Description of Event/Issue/Concern: Students must identify what specific event, issue, or concern they will be exploring in their assignment. Students should choose an event/issue/concern that has been polarized in the media such as mask mandates, vaccine mandates, the Second Amendment, anthropocentric climate change, the 2020 election, etc. In other words, the purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate how an event/issue can be framed very differently depending on the source of information. 

3. Justification and Relevance to Course: Students must explain how their chosen event/issue/concern has been framed differently by different sources. In doing so, they must justify the relevance of their chosen topic to the course. For example: mask mandates have been framed as a necessary public health measure by some (e.g., World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and an unacceptable infringement on personal liberty by others (e.g., the People’s Convoy).

4. Preliminary Reference List: Lastly, students must include a preliminary reference list for their paper. The reference list should include peer reviewed journaPistol Associationl articles, academic textbooks, white papers, and other reputable sources. Students are welcome to cite articles and papers that we have discussed in class.