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Health Conditions in Adolescence Question


Instructions: Follow the steps below to complete this assignment.  

Step 1: Identify and read a news article about an empirical research study. Most major news websites (CNN, NPR, Fox, and local networks) have a health section that usually contains articles about research. You are not restricted to psychology for this assignment; you may

choose any article about a research study that involved human subjects.

Step 2: Locate and read the original journal paper that is covered in the news article. 

Step 3: Reread the news article and critically assess the following items in your analysis paper (with recommended length of at least 1 page double spaced):


?  Did the reporter provide accurate information about the study participants and procedure?

?  Did the reporter accurately report the conclusions and implications of the study?

?  Was there any information in the original paper that should have been included in thenews report to fully inform readers of the strengths or weaknesses of the study?

?  If the study has limited generalizability, did the reporter adequately address this in thereport?

?  Is there anything else that stood out to you about the news report, after reading theoriginal study?

Note: This assignment is intended to foster critical analysis of media reports, not the actual research study. Please focus your paper on the quality of the news report relative to the original study, as opposed to the choice of methods or measures of the original study.

Step 4: Prepare some notes to share with the class during our next live session. You should

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