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Health issue research project


Section 1: Describe some typical aspects of aging. Describe how people who are older chronically ill, and who’s race is Latin American or more likely to die from COVID-19 than any other group in the country. Talk about housing and nursing home choices that disproportionately affect people that are Latin American into that and create adverse health effects, listing examples and stating why is it important to know. Include a reference to support such evidential statements. They should take approximately 1.5 pages
Section 2: Data from the centers of disease control and prevention. This area should contain some interesting demographics statistics- dementia by race, age socioeconomic status, etc. Include a chart that you have found, and reference that source. Tie in this into why is it important for proper healthcare and early diagnosis and treatment for best prognosis of individuals. Talk about the resources that are available and how that can make a difference in a particular niche community of which interest you or which you identify. 
Section 3: Provide some details of why minority populations are deeply distressful of government and healthcare and human services institutions. Expand upon research of racism in healthcare settings, and provide some ideas to provide interventions to diminish such issues, and the importance of such the aging populations. Reference the American psychological Association in a research article describing the impact of racism related stress and older American and how toxic stressors can negatively impact health and well-being.
Section 4:In the section tell us why this area interest you in some of your future dreams and aspirations to apply this information to the work you do, or at least the very least, why you chose a subject and your feelings about this importance in the health and human service sector.

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