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Fundamentals of health promotion Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of health promotion and will examine health determinants from a variety of perspectives. Health promotion strategies that integrate community development principles, health education models, and social marketing will also be explored. Historical and contemporary administrative concepts for public health professionals will be discuss


Objective 1
• Introduce basic concepts of public health administration using current use examples.
• Define the roles of politicians, deputy ministers, department heads and program directors.
Objective 2
Review provincial and federal protocols on public health inspection.
• Discuss public policy and policy development
• Evaluate environmental health policies • Explain the funding process to support public health programs and specifically, environmental health programs
Objective 3
Distinguish between health policy and healthy public policy
• Discuss the concept of community
• Identify methods used to resolve

       ENHS 101 Final Exam 3
REQUIRED TEXT: Thompson, V. (2020). Health and health care delivery in Canada (3rd ed.). Elsevier Canada.
Note: Students with the second edition can still use their textbook for this course.
McKenzie, J., Neiger, B. & Thackeray, R. (2017). Planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion programs. United States of America: Pearson Education Inc.
There are several required videos included in the course content. These videos are available online and it is the student’s responsibility to upload and to watch these videos. A list of required videos can be found in the course outline.
Required Books and References

Upload your final exam in word document
Your answers must be typed (12 font, Times New Romans), Double-spaced
Follow APA guidelines carefully (Include APA Reference list at the end of your response) If you have diagrams or charts, please put them in your Appendix
At the top of your paper, make sure you indicate the section and question you are responding to (i.e. Section 1, Q 2)
Use the proper English language and academic terminologies. Please do not use slags or too many cliches
This is an open book, Feel free to refer to course materials and books where applicable. This is an Independent exercise and not group work so you are not allowed to complete this exam as a group
Section C: You have to score at least an 80% to get a Record of Achievement
YOu must include your record of achievement in. your paper. DO NOT EMAIL OR SUBMIT IT SEPARATELY. Copy and paste or screenshot it and paste it in your paper under section C.

Personal Reflection Question 10marks
Reflective Writing
is a form of creative writing where you examine an experience or situation through self-reflection. Through the course of creating the reflective paper, you describe insights that you gained or express your views on some experience. Reflective essays are typically personal writings about an experience.
What you need to do!
For this section, I will like you to reflect on some key topics, subjects and information that we covered in class (course slides, video, guest speaker). I want you to describe your understanding of what you have gained from that topic.
How would you describe these ideas to someone who has
not taken ENHS 101?
Section A- 8 marks
Maximum 2 pages (double spaced)

Short Answer Question
Discuss the mission and priorities of Health Canada as well as the different agencies. Also, discuss some myths and misconceptions of the Canada Health Act. How has the federal government interpreted and implemented the CHA?
Environmental Advocacy
Explain the importance of advocating for strong environmental and social health practices and controls within the community/public and to government/legislators. Use cases and examples within Canada and if possible, Saskatchewan where a strong health practice has improved health outcomes.
Health Promotion
Explain three strategies for health promotion, disease and injury prevention and health protection. Critically discuss the interactive nature of social determinants of health and how they contribute to health inequalities.
Section B – Answer one Question 10 marks
Maximum 2.5 pages (double spaced)

Long-Answer Question
Ethical considerations in health care are crucial, however, sometimes, ethical decisions made in a particular situation by different people may differ based on their own moral ethical codes and interpretation. What is Ethics? Discuss some ethical principles that are significant to health care providers. What are some challenges in applying ethical considerations in health care settings?
In 1962, the Saskatchewan NDP introduced The Medical Care Insurance Act to cover physician services. Like other provinces, the government has introduced major changes to the health care system in the form of privatizing medical services. Despite this, research has shown that privatization in the healthcare system has significant impacts. Discuss and describe some impacts of privatization on women as users of health services, as health care workers, as unpaid care providers and as citizens engaged in shaping the future.
Critical Literature Review
Write a critically reflective paper discussing one of the following topics:how has globalization impacted health?Describe current issues related to pharmacareDiscuss one major health issue and related concerns facing Indigenous Peoples in Canada

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