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Improving Access to Healthcare in Africa

Improving Access to Healthcare in Africa Through Community Health Workers

InstructionsIntroduction Content Criteria:Big picture

  • Issue/topic being explored – discussed
  • Global context/relevance – discussed
  • Public Health relevance (statistics) – discussed
  • What is known about your topic (the givens) – discussed


  • Intention for your paper – discussed
  • Gap in knowledge – discussed
  • What is the general structure that you have planned for this thesis? What issues will you synthesize? What will you address in your public health section? – discussed


  • How will your PHSC perspective/thesis work add to the knowledge on this topic? 

Introduction Format Critieria1. Proper APA format     • Title page, header, headings, font size, font type, double spaced, in-text citations,  references.2. Appropriate length     • 3-5 pages3. Number of references     • 10 used in text and in the reference section (can be appropriate secondary sources and peer-reviewed manuscripts)

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