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Title: Effective Poster Presentations For Your Research Conference

A) The final research project presentation is an opportunity to present your finished Project to a supportive peer audience (Classmates) via discussion #2. The power point presentation (PPT) or Poster Board Template presentation should include the primary theory or claim you are defending, the bulk of the research upon which your position is based, and the major arguments that support it. You can utilize the information you have submitted within your assignment submissions for this course to complete your PPT. ( Powerpoint )

There’s no required slide count for this discussion. Make sure you address all criteria/questions below for your initial discussion posting. Be Creative (include, photos, charts graphs, videos, etc). If you are going to use Prezi you must attach the PDF of your Prezi, no links are accepted for prezi presentations only PDF’s.

You are not obligated to follow exactly what’s on the example presentation. I am posting an example so that you can view in general what I am looking for within your submission. Please note that the example does not consist of additional criteria that are required within your submission, therefore, I strongly advise that you double-check the criteria below prior to submitting to this discussion board forum.

Your submission MUST follow the format below with headings (i.e. abstract, problem statement, etc.).

 Abstract= A concise summary of the key points of your research. Your abstract should contain at least your research topic, research questions, participants, methods, results, data analysis, and conclusions.  You may also include possible implications of your research and future work you see connected with your findings.  Your abstract should be a single paragraph double-spaced.  Your abstract should be between 150 and 250 words.


  1. Motivation to study this topic(Why this work is important; keep general and cite statements)
    1. Objectives (Goals of this paper)
    1. Organizational overview of final paper (will review 5 research articles etc.).

4.Literature Review:

  1. background information on topic
    1. specific information to assist the reader’s understanding
  2. Key terms (A minimum of 3 Key terms are required)

5. Analysis Approach (What was done; describe the population/subjects, methods, type of research; statistics used, etc.).

  1. Introduction Paragraph Include database used for literature reviews and inclusion/exclusion criteria for choosing the five original research articles.
    1. Author’s name of each 5 research articles
      1. Aim
      1. Subjects
      1. Methods
      1. Type of Research

6. Results (What was found)

  1. Author’s name of each 5 research articles
  2. Heading for result of first major task

7. Discussion (how results contribute to knowledge in the field, e.g. compare results to literature)

  1. Heading for discussion
  2. Gaps in the research reviewed
  3. Overall strengths and weaknesses of the research articles.
  4. Needed future work in the field.

8. Conclusions .

    1. Summary of objectives and approach of this paper
    1. Major findings of this paper
    1. Important implications of this paper’s findings.

9. Recommendations based upon the review of these 5 research articles

10. Reflection statement: Provide a summary (1 paragraph; 5-6 complete sentences)) statement of your  thoughts on the research project (i.e., what are you the most proud of while completing the research, what were the biggest challenges, advantages and disadvantages,are their any disappointments?, what methods will you use to communicate your research results to your chosen audience (i.e. delivery of research to bring awareness; i.e. via social media, email, etc.) ?, what are your hopes for the future with your research project, etc.).

11.List and provide (websites) of Two (2) potential peer review Journals that your abstract/ manuscript may be published in (refer to chapters 34-36 from your course required textbook to get ideas).

12. References (Min. 5 References) APA format.

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