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Hearing and Socialization Sociology Discussion



For this activity, you will mimic Cooley’s theory of the Looking Glass Self.  Cooley argues that identity is a social process that develops overtime based on the feedback you get from other and how you interpret that feedback as accurate or not. This activity works best if you can test it with someone you know well.

Have someone you know well fill out the activity sheet below. Note- I do not need the other person’s name on the assignment.  You can keep that confidential.

Ask the person to list 10 characteristics he or she feels best describe who he or she is.  These can be any characteristic from a social role- mom- to a personality trait- nice.  Have them work silently for this part- they will discuss what they list next.

As the other person is filling out the sheet, you should also think about how you would describe them.  You can jot down notes on this if you’d like (but it’s not necessary).

  • When the list is complete, have the person read the list to you.  Then give them feedback on how accurate you think their list is- Do you agree with what they listed?  Do you disagree? Why? (please be polite!)
  • After you’ve discussed, ask them to revisit their list (there should be no discussion during this part) and make any changes they’d like (they do not have to change anything if they don’t want to).  Then have them share why or why not they made changes. 
  • On the bottom of their list, write a short paragraph about how your feedback changed or didn’t change their response.  Reflect on why. How did the activity support Cooley’s theory of the Looking Glass Self? 

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