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Historian Text Confederate Reckoning Paper

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Historian Stephanie McCurry writes: “The Confederate war involved a profound reckoning. Before Confederates were defeated, their political project had failed. The new nation Confederates set out to build had fallen victim not just to enemy armies but to the manifest poverty of its reactionary vision of the republic, and the determined resistance of the Confederate people to it.”

Learn more about the myriad of problems with the Confederate project by reading the “Prologue” and “Epilogue” from McCurry’s book, Confederate Reckoning, attached below:  

oConfederate Reckoning Prologue (PDF)

oConfederate Reckoning Epilogue (PDF)

Identify and explain six reasons why, in McCurry’s estimation and analysis, that the Confederacy was destined to fail. In particular, consider how matters of race, gender, and class contributed to the fundamental problems with the Confederate project.

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