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Historical Person in Chinese History Essay


PAPER GUIDELINE FOR ASIA 200TITLE: “Choose a Historical person in Chinese History and write critically about his/her achievements in his/her life”Introductory paragraph: Usually it sets what you are going to talk aboutThesis statement: This is the part that replies to the thesis question (what you are going to tell me…the characteristic of such era chosen…and why those are the characteristics)Body of the paper: You have to demonstrate that the characteristic you are choosing are the ones of the era because…and they are supported by other scholars’ writings (use examples).Paragraph 1 one factor is the characteristic because and give an exampleParagraph 2 another factor…Paragraph 3 the third factor…Conclusion: you have to briefly repeat why the 3 factors are the characteristics of such era as demonstrated by you above.Research work: you have to read academic articles or books (minimum 3 articles) that deal with the period you are taking into consideration and all the ideas you take from the articles you have to cite them because those are not your ideas. The citation can be in MLA or Chicago Manual of Style ( I will post a sample of it on my CC).You can search for the articles on e-library of CC or JSTOR database (please DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA or other non academic sources)The paper should have 1 front page containing the title, and your name and student number as well as the class and instructor’s name. 3 pages of text, double spaced 12 times new romans fonts, and with MLA or Chicago Manual of Style footnotes and the last page should contain a bibliography with the articles used.NOW: DO NOT COPY and PASTE from websites or you will get caught!!! PARAPHRASE means you read want to write the same idea with your own words but cite the author of that idea, article, book.     

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