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Housing Continuum Padlet Activity Discussion Questions


part 1

When you hear the term “senior housing” what comes to mind?

What types of senior housing options are you familiar with?

If you had to choose a type of senior housing for yourself, what would it be and why?

part 2

Explore the Housing Continuum Padlet Activity: Activity: Continuum of Housing for Older Adults (Padlet)

  • What would you like to see added (include links if appropriate)
  • Where do you see yourself on the continuum at age 65? 75? 85? Look back at Discussion 1.2 – have any of your housing expectations changed? If so how/why?
  • What types of housing, if any, do you find confusing? (Why?)
  • part 3
    • What are 2 important “takeaways” (facts, information, lessons) that you learned from each selection?
    • Why are these takeaways important and what can we learn from them about housing for older adults?
    • In what ways does this information connect with material from earlier this semester?
    • part 4 :
    • My project topic is transportation and the elderly problem and progress in the rural areas.
    • What is your project and what you have accomplished so far?
    • What is left to do?
    • What, if any, assistance do you need?