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How I Learned to Drive play Assignment


I want you to focus on the following four things for your How I Learned to Drive Assignment. Be detailed in your answers. Give examples to what you are writing about form the play. If you are not detailed you will not get full points, so be detailed in your answers!

Thing to focus on:

  1. The Seed: is looking for a special pattern that is latent in the external events throughout the play. The Seed is a pattern that illuminates the meaning of the play. It works to connect every moment of the play with a single subject. It is the essence of the playwright’s plan, the basic subject of the play—the central issue. Find the seed and write how it runs through all scenes of the play.
  2. Time of the Action: In many plays it is important to know the time of the action, that is, the exact time, season, and year and epoch (era) in which the action is set. The knowledge is not just for the sake of realism or bookish accuracy but also to become alert to the entire dramatic situation.
  3.  Families: The most common social group, and the most important one, in the majority of modern plays is family. The dramatic importance of families lies in the emotional quality that attends specific social relationships, such as love between loving partners, pressure between parents and children, and competition among siblings.
  4.  Social Standards: are the codes of conduct and shared beliefs regarded as necessary by characters and to which they are expected to conform.

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