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How music affects people’s moods and behaviors.


The research question I want to pick is that how music affects people’s moods and behaviors. Because I have found that hearing different music in different settings can bring about changes in our actions, and I want to know exactly how it works.
Your paper will consist of three major parts:
The story of your search: This section tells readers what you knew about your subject before you began your research, what you wanted to know, and the research steps you went through to find out what you wanted to know—including both the steps that led to useful information and the steps that turned out to be dead ends.What you learned: In this section, you give readers the results of your search—both the answers you found and the answers you did not find.Your reflections on the search: You use this final section to tell readers what you gained from the project.Given the more personal nature of this writing project, the tone can be slightly more informal than in other research papers, if only because first-person writing is to be expected. However, be sure not to let your grammar and spelling slip as a result.
In most I-Search papers, the topic is completely open, but since this is a class on music we need to narrow the focus to something music-related. However, the philosophy is the same: think of a question that you have a personal connection to. This could involve a particular instrument, a specific song, a musician or songwriter, a particular musical subculture or style, various questions about music and society, and so forth. The key is that the topic needs to be researchable…it shouldn’t be too broad, but it also can’t be so narrow or obscure that there are no sources available. It also should not something that is based solely in your own experience, because then you wouldn’t have anything to research. Good ways to start would be to phrase your topic in terms like “I always wanted to know how to…” or “I always wondered why…” and then fill that in with whatever comes to your mind. A good question is one that gives rise to other questions that will help give you a solid goal for the

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