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How social media promotes body dysmorphia

How social media promotes body dysmorphia and leads to mental disorders


Write a 1600-word (approximately 5-6 pages) paper which develops the topic you proposed in the research proposal (research proposal attached)  and begins to answer one or more of the questions into which you proposed inquiries.  The paper should make a claim about the available scholarship on your chosen topic.  The paper should take the argumentative form of a single, focused argument, which develops an evolving thesis from the introduction to the conclusion, and makes use of appropriate evidence (such as quotations) to support the argument. 

The paper should be cited using an academic style appropriate to the topic (MLA, APA, or Chicago) and should include a bibliography or works cited page, which should include a minimum of five academic 5 sources (scholarly books or articles): at least 1 monograph and at least 4 articles are needed, though you are welcome to add sources beyond what you used in the Annotated Bibliography (annotated bibliography attached which includes the required 5 links)  You are also welcome to add a primary source for analysis. 

Final Check List for the paper :-  

  1. An interesting title (not “Research Paper”)
  2. An argument
  3. A Works Cited list
  4. Book and journal titles, no matter where they appear, in italics
  5. Article titles in quotation marks, unless you’re using APA style
  6. References to the five required sources: 1 academic book, 4 journal articles
  7. Citations every time you quote something
  8. Citations every time you paraphrase or refer to information gained from a source
  9. An introduction
  10. A state of knowledge
  11. A knowledge deficit
  12. A thesis at the start
  13. A conclusion
  14. A thesis that evolves and says something more nuanced at the end than the beginning
  15. Proper formatting throughout (double-spaced, Times New Roman Font, etc.).
  16. The paper is aligned to the left
  17. Page numbers

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