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How Wolves Can Change Rivers Discussion



The discussion provides you with an opportunity to review the threats to biodiversity and evaluate endangered species management. You will also discuss biodiversity and the species concept, and some of the ways we benefit from biodiversity.


Please follow the discussion guideline [PDF] (Links to an external site.) to post your initial response and participate in the discussion. 

Read the case study on page 227, How Wolves Can Change Rivers, and/or watch the video: Wolves of Yellowstone/Earth a New Wild [Length 5:19] (Links to an external site.)–great example of the importance of biodiversity.

Answer the questions:

  • 1) How did wolves help the economy in the Yellowstone National Park area? 
  • 2) What are other consequences of wolf introduction that were good for humans in the park? 
  • 3) Do you think there is something similar that could be done to help with deer overpopulation in Fairfax County?
  • 4) What would you recommend? What would the issues/concerns be?

You may use the environmental science research guide to search for information.