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How your name affect the way employers hire

How does your name affect the way employers hire someone? What Role does culture plays in this?


IN 2 PAGES ANSWER THE RESEARCH QUESTION ” HOW DOES A PERSON NAME AFFECT THE WAY EMPLOYERS HIRE? WHAT ARE THE ROLES OURCULTURE PLAY INTO IT?  WHAT AGE GROUP OF PEOPLE ARE MOSTLY AFFECTED BY THIS? what is it about the way we can understand gender, language, culture, and economic relations that might help us investigate that relationship? WHAT ROLE DOES MONEY PLAY?IN 3 PAGES PROVIDE DATA AND STATISTIC- Where would you spend time? How would you find people to participate? What kinds of activities would you observe or participate in yourself? If carrying out intervews or surveys, exactly what sorts of questions would you need to ask? If carrying out an experiment, how would you design it? What sorts of mass media artifacts (e.g. news articles, Twitter posts, Netflix shows, YouTube clips, etc.) would you gather?ETHNICS IN 2 PAGES- What ethical dilemmas you can foresee arising in this research? Try to think as concretely as possible about your obligations to the various people whose speech you will analyze as well as to others. Remember that participants in your research must be able to grant meaningfully informed consent. Are there people (e.g. young children, prisoners, people with dimentia, etc.) who might not be able to consent freely to participate? Are there people (e.g. undocumented immigrants, those carrying out criminal activities, etc.) for whom participation might expose them to risk? Could your findings be used to harm a particular community?ANALYSIS IN 1 PAGE Were you to carry out this research, after collecting data, what kinds of patterns would you look for? Would there be a place for quantitative in addition to qualitative interpretation? What concepts or analytical tools will help you interpret language-in-use and answer your research question? Would you discuss your findings in an academic paper? In a policy report? In an activist manifesto? In the mission statement of an NGO? In a newspaper editorial? With what community or communities would you want to share your research? What outcomes would you hope for and how would you try to ensure that your research has those desired outcomes?

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