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Human Sacrifice Assignment at an affordable cost


I had the outline, and the response to outline was this. Please make sure it follows this outline

I need it quick to not fail my class.Please use at least some of the information that I have provided in the outline file. 

To write an essay on the topic of human sacrifice you would have to make certain that it stays focused on archaeology and material cultural. So you would have to find published theories about how sacrifices were made to weaken opposition groups, as you said. But the evidence for this has to be based on archaeological findings, and not simply anthropological or ethnographic research. Also, make sure that you compare the theories with each other and tell us which ones are strong, and why.
You need to follow the “hour-glass” model for composing your paper (see attachment). Start with an Introduction that defines the context of your research. Tell us the period in time that you’re researching about, where your research is taking place, who you are talking about, who/what are the major influences upon the people of that period, what became of those people, what cultural practice are you talking about, how did that practice begin, how did that practice further develop, etc. You can provide us these details or use some other ones, but you have to describe the context of your topic. And finally tell us basically (very briefly at this point in the Introduction) what you plan to do in the rest of the paper.
In the central core (the main body) of the paper you should present the details of your argument using concise summaries of the pieces of research you’ve found. At this point your presentation should be kind of non-judgemental. Just the facts, and how they pertain to your main question/topic, and why they are important to your paper. Give this section a sub-title that pertains to your main idea.
Then you critically analyze the ideas and theories that you’ve found (the Discussion). Now is the time to make comparisons, find strengths and weaknesses, give us your informed opinion, and be judgemental.
Then present a summary of your informed opinion in a way that convinces the reader that you’re correct (the Conclusion). And tie this back to what this all means in the greater context that you described in the Introduction.

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