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IB Diploma Program subject assignment at an affordable cost

Compare the IB Diploma Program subject, English B with another international program (e.g. AP


Compare the IB Diploma Programme subject, English B, with another international program, AP or A level (please choose one) which is offered for age of 16-18 in English course (language acquisition). Present your findings and reflection in an essay. 

  • Programme needs and strengths of the chosen programmes (IBDP subject vs another international programme’s subject): Check the programmes’ aims/goals, needs, missions and strengths and report back in your essay. Please consider the subject specific aims, too. 
  • Programme objectives/competencies: Each curriculum has an ideal outcome/student profile usually defined in the subject guide. Check the subject curriculum to see what knowledge, skills, values, attitudes that programme is aiming to the graduates to possess. 
  • Types of educational experiences provided by the chosen subject area guide/curriculum: educational experiences to address the learning objectives include: labs, practicum, service learning, any other interaction and experiences which learning will take place in a traditional (indoor/classroom) or non-traditional learning setting (outdoor education)
  • Course objectives/course content; Activities and resources planned in subject guide/curriculum: Usually in a curriculum, the content processes, learning experiences, resources and assessment strategies are shared with the curriculum implementers (the teachers). Check the learning objectives/outcomes and course content as well as the suggested/recommended/prescribed activities given in the subject guide/curriculum and report the similarities and differences. 

Please refer to the 4 areas in your essay and plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

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