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International Business Machines Corp (IBM) Financial Research Paper


International Business Machines Corp (IBM)

Financial background and reports can be found at: , then click on financials.  

Additional credible financial info on IBM can also be found at:


Find the latest annual reports and review the statement of cash flows. Share your observations on the last 3 years for:

a) Cash flow from operations 

b) Cash flow from investing 

c) Cash flow from financing.  

Describe how cash transactions are classified in a statement of cash flows and compute the major cash flows relating to operating activities.  Also, discuss how to compute the cash flows relating to investing and financing activities and distinguish between the direct and indirect methods of reporting operating cash flows.

Provide a brief history of this financial statement, distinguishing it from the statement of changes in financial position and emphasizing the need for information regarding cash flows in this era of corporate “takeovers.” Also, describe the major classifications within the statement of cash flows. Emphasize the relative importance of the net cash flow from operating activities.  

Touch on the nature and purpose of:

  • cash dividends and stock dividends, emphasizing the effects upon total stockholders’ equity and the probable effects upon stock price;
  • Corporations – distinguish between publicly owned and closely held corporations and the rights of stockholders and the roles of corporate directors and officers.  
  • illustrate accounting for the issuance of capital stock in exchange for cash or other assets and the role of an underwriter in the issuance of capital stock.  Discuss typical features of preferred stock and contrast these features with those of common stock and illustrate the computation of book value per share (with preferred stock outstanding). Distinguish among the concepts of book value, par value, and market value.
  • distinguish between current and long-term liabilities (including classification of the current portions of long-term debt and of short-term liabilities expected to be refinanced on a long-term basis).
  • Review the last two annual reports specifically the balance sheet, income statement and the footnotes related to LIFO. Share your key observations with your classmates. Answer the following questions: If they would use FIFO, a) what would happen to their most recent  Net Income (increase, decrease, stay same? and why? b) What is the impact on their tax liability if they used FIFO
  • Form 10K

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