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Ice and Glaciers & Wind and Desert Questionnaire

Question Description

Ch. 9: Ice and Glaciers, Wind and Desert

1) Discuss ways in which glaciers might be manipulated for use as a source of water?

2) Briefly describe the formation and annual cycle of an alpine glacier.

3) Define/describe moraine and explain how moraines can be used to reconstruct past glacial extent and movements?

5) Describe two ways in which glaciers store water, and explain how the retreat of alpine glaciers can cause both springtime flooding and summer drought.

6) Explain how sunlight falling on Earth’s surface affects wind circulation.

Ch. 11: Groundwater and Water Resources

1) Explain the importance of porosity and permeability to groundwater availability for use.

5) Explain how sinkholes develop and name the type of landscape in which sinkholes are common.

7) Explain three characteristics used to describe water quality.

9) Describe two possible consequences of groundwater withdrawal exceeding recharge.

10) Explain the process of saltwater intrusion.

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