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Ideating in the ‘Wonder Zone’

Building on your insights from Assessment One, you will now use design thinking principles to engage
in rapid idea generation and dream up creative solutions. You will formulate a range of ideas and
determine which one is your best idea by conducting basic user testing and prototyping.
You will then develop and deliver a short video pitch that showcases the ideas you generated to solve
your design problem. In the video pitch, you should explain the design thinking process you undertook
to identify, select and refine your ideas. You should also discuss how this process helped you arrive
at your best idea.
In your presentation, you must outline the creative and critical thinking process that allowed you to
brainstorm and prioritise from a range of ideas and share any ‘Eureka’/’light bulb’ moments that you
had during the ideation phase. It is important that you justify the feasibility, viability and desirability of
your best idea within a real-world context.
Assessment criteria
• Explain the process of identifying, selecting and refining a potential solution from a range
of ideas (10 points)
• Justify the feasibility, viability and desirability of your idea in the real world. (10 points)
• Utilise clear, logical and appropriate academic writing and referencing skills. (5 points)
• Demonstrate professional communication skills (5 points)
Course Learning outcomes
This assessment is linked to the following course learning outcomes:
• CLO2: Apply design thinking principles to develop opportunities and deliver desirable,
feasibleand viable user outcomes.
• CLO3: Prototype and test solutions to address user needs.
• CLO4: Communicate design solutions professionally and effectively to users.
Assessment details
Design Thinking asks you to think in a convergent and divergent way and then apply critical
thinking skills to select or harvest the best solutions for today. In this assessment, you will
demonstrate how youformulated your ideas and will discuss the Design Thinking process that
enabled you to test the feasibility, desirability and validity of the ideas which led you to select the
best one. You will unpack thisprocess in your presentation, explaining how and why you chose
your best idea.
We ask that you explain what stimulus you experimented with to generate creative concepts and
ideasby answering the following questions:
• Did you ideate alone or use group/crowd sourced ideas?
• Where did you ideate? (Were you in an office? Walking through a park?)
• Did you gather a group of people in a creative environment to come up with ideas?
• What worked best for you to stimulate ideas?
• What tools did you use to capture the ideas and assess the quality of the ideas to determine
which idea was the ‘BEST’?
• Anything else you can tell us to explain your process.
Your presentation should include the following:
• A creative matrix: a list of all your ideas, how you formed and cycled your ideas, the
process of brainstorming, selecting/eliminating ideas – essentially how you went about the
creative ideationprocess.
• What basic user testing did you do to validate your ideas? How did this impact the ideation
• What makes your best idea feasible, viable and desirable?
• Which patterns of thinking used were most useful to you and why?
• A list of resources that you used in your Design Thinking process
Creating and submitting your presentation
You will create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation and record a 3 to 5-minute video presentation.
Your PPT presentation should include a minimum of 10 slides and can include as many slides as you
need to make your points clear, but remember a pitch is short so being succinct is key.
Video recording tool suggestion
We suggest that you use Canvas Studio to record the video component of this assessment, but you may
use the tool of your choice. You must create a public link to your video to copy and paste into the written
component of this assessment.
If you choose to use Canvas Studio to record your videos, refer to the following guides:

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