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Ignite Essay assignment at an affordable cost


You only need to complete the text section, which is about five minutes of speech

You will create an “Ignite” style speech; it s recommended (but not required) that you relate to the subject matter featured in your website or personal statement. This speech does not, nor should not cover every aspect of your subject. Instead, focus on one element/idea/aspect that you can discuss and effectively present in 5 minutes.

Think creatively about your subject. Some possible presentations may include: important theories/studies in your field (explaining the relationship between diet and biochemistry), the different uses of a specific technology or apparatus you use in your studies (why all of the different glass containers in chemistry), , etc… Do NOT create a presentation about yourself or your personal information, though you can use examples you have personally worked on/dealt with. Engage your audience and draw them into your subject matter. Your presentation must have an identifiable thesis that goes beyond simply providing information. At the very least, your thesis should argue as to its importance and what your audience should do with this information.

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