May 03, 2022 Uncategorized

Image and Reflection Discussion


Here is your last participation assignment. Please watch the entire 20 minute ted talk about creativity. After you are finished, I challenge you to get to know your own creative genius, to do something you have not done, to push your own boundaries into something “new”. I would like you reflect on the idea of creativity, your own creativity, by doing something creative. Some ideas would be: write a poem, write a haiku, make up a dance, paint a picture, make any art, choreograph a dance on your classmates, or friends, build something, or, if this is incredibly uncomfortable and you are not ready to push those boundaries, you can still do a reflective post (which can also be creative in the way in which you are thinking and writing). If you take a picture, please include yourself with your art!  Be uncomfortable! Grow! Have FUN! Please write a supportive comment for one of your peers as well!

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