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Immigration and Education Literature Review Draft


My research question is: What are the pros and cons of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences for immigrant student groups? 

  • students will submit a 3-page draft of their literature review.
  • Summarize and analyze your sources.
  • Limit the use of quotes and quotations (1-2 quotations).
  • 7 academic sources
  • collect academic sources for your annotated bibliography, so your next step is to use these articles to write your literature review draft. The purpose of a literature review is to give an overview of the existing research on your topic. You will write complete paragraphs summarizing and discussing the main findings of the articles. You can connect the papers that discuss similar results/findings. The following is an example template to provide an example of three themes/factors the teacher focused on for her literature review on immigrant rights protests. In her example, she talks about three factors that help Latino communities mobilize for immigrant rights. She focuses on 1) pre-existing organizations, 2) a history of community organizing, 3) coalitions. I think a great way to write a literature review is to create subheadings.               Literature ReviewPre-existing organizations (two paragraphs) I discuss the articles that mention the importance of pre-existing organizations for immigrant communities to protest. I summarize the findings and then connect them back to my topic.A history of community organizing (two paragraphs)In this section, I discuss the studies that mention the importance of having a history of community organizing for movements. Then, I connect it to my topic and say that experience organizing is important for immigrant rights protests.  Coalitions (two paragraphs)In this section of my literature review, I talk about the articles that mention the importance of having coalitions supporting your movement.  Summary (one short paragraph): I summarize the three factors that explain protest (according to the articles I reviewed and my argument).

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